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Where life progresses at leisure, This is Nihara

Where serenity meets vibrancy. Where tradition and modernity strike a balance. And where hospitality is a celebration of culture. This is the ethos on which Nihara Resort and Spa has been built.

Nestled on the glistening backwaters of Lake Vembanad, Nihara offers the warmth of Keralite culture in an idyllic setting. Built in traditional architecture, Nihara is located a stone's throw away from the bustling city of Kochi. A hidden retreat for the city-dweller and a quiet haven for the spiritual seeker, Nihara is designed to be a bespoke experience.
Where life progresses at leisure, this is Nihara.

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At Nihara, we offer the complete package pertaining to your leisure and business needs. Whether it is the quiet retreat from the bustling city noises or the serene atmosphere to conduct your business meetings, we offer a safe and serene environment for one and all.

Nearby Attractions
Lulu Mall
Spanning 17 acres,
it is one of the largest Shopping malls in India 7 km from Nihara
Vallarpadam Church
is a major Christian pilgrimage centre in India 11 km from Nihara
Kadamakudy Islands
Cluster of 14 islands located
less than 10 kilometres
from Kochi city centre 0 km from Nihara
Marine drive
Witness lavish city View Point - 12 km from Nihara
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